Take 5 Productions is one of Canada’s leading producers of award-winning television drama. With a focus on episodic television, Take 5 has been involved in the production or post-production of over 500 episodes of television.

In the past decade, our projects have garnered numerous awards and nominations from around the globe. We have produced content for Showtime, MGM, CBS, Netflix, Hulu, Starz, History Channel, and every major Canadian broadcaster. Our productions consist of International Treaty Co-Productions, US/Canadian Co-Ventures, and Production Service structures. We have co-produced projects in many European countries including Hungary, Ireland, and Malta.

Based in Toronto, Take 5 offers a full-service model for producing content which includes budgeting, crewing, financing, and administration of all projects. By managing the Canadian tax credits and maximizing the financing available in Canada, we ensure that every project is produced with the goal of delivering exceptional quality in a fiscally responsible manner.

Our Post Production and Visual Effects teams have completed the delivery of numerous award-winning series including “Vikings”, “The Tudors”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “Penny Dreadful”, “Into the Badlands” and “Condor”. We have a full infrastructure of visual effects and editorial systems to support the completion and delivery of all of our projects.

At Take 5, we pride ourselves on our service. We utilize our expertise and experience to facilitate all regulatory filings; negotiate co-production agreements; raise Canadian financing; leverage high profile talent; access preferred vendor pricing; and attract top production and post-production artists to our projects.


21 Canadian Screen Awards
76 Nominations
25 Emmys
129 Nominations
2 Golden Globes
11 Nominations