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Take 5 Productions is one of Canada’s leading producers of award-winning television drama. Since our inception in 2009, we have produced or co-produced 17 different television series representing 355 episodes of television. The combined production budgets for those series exceeds $1.5B USD with more than $800m spent in Canada during that period.

In 2016 Take 5 will produce or co-produce 9 projects representing 98 hours of television with production budgets exceeding $450m.

Take 5 has produced over 350 hours of episodic television in partnership with Showtime, MGM, CBS, Netflix, Starz, History, Bell Media, Shaw Media and the CBC. Our productions include international treaty coproductions, US/Canadian Co-Ventures and Production Service structures.

Although the majority of our filming has been in Toronto, we have also co-produced television projects filming in many European countries including Hungary, Ireland and Malta.

Take 5 brings its core strengths in financial, regulatory, production,post production, and delivery operations to all of its productions. We have the in-house expertise to facilitate all regulatory filings; to negotiate coproduction agreements; to raise Canadian financing; to leverage high profile talent, to access preferred vendor pricing and to attract top production and post production crews to our projects.

Post Production

We offer an internationally recognized post production team supported by in-house editing suites, ADR facilities, and an award-winning visual effects department. Our post production work can be evidenced in major international television series including Penny Dreadful, Vikings, The Borgias, Camelot, and The Tudors.


In addition to our production, post production and financing services on award winning TV series, Take 5 has co-produced numerous pilots with Whizbang Films including Cheerleader Death Squad(CW/CBS), Taxi 22(CW/CBS) & Transylvania (CW/CBS)

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